JOSÉ DE TORRES: Amoroso Señor

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ARTISTS: Aurora Peña, soprano | Concerto 1700 | Daniel Pinteño, violin & director


“The performance does her full justice: Peña’s powerful voice sounds here more delicate and sweet than ever, and the instrumental accompaniment is at all times exemplary.” – Scherzo Magazine.

“Thanks to Concerto 1700, skilfully led by violinist Daniel Pinteño (as can be appreciated in the solo cadenzas) and the young soprano Aurora Peña […], four touching sacred cantatas in Spanish language are recovered” – Rivista musica.

“Valiant vindication of the figure of the Spanish baroque composer José de Torres (ca. 1670-1738) is undertaken in this exquisitely crafted disc by soprano Aurora Peña and the ensemble Concerto 1700 under the direction of violinist Daniel Pinteño.” – Opera World.

“Music of the highest quality, fortunately rescued from the archives with an interpretation that does it full justice and edited with care in a CD that is beautiful to the last detail. An example to follow in historical recovery.” – Ritmo Magazine.


Despite being practically unknown nowadays, José de Torres was very prestigious among his contemporaries, which meant that his work circulated widely throughout Hispanic territories. It is thus not by chance that the four cantatas selected for this CD are found nowadays in the cathedrals of Mexico and Guatemala.

The late cantatas by José deTorres show the assimilation of the latest musical tendencies, alwaysin a personal and very original manner. While in his first cantatas, written during the 1710s, Torres mixed recitatives and arias with other genres from the late 17th-century Hispanic musical practice, such as coplas, seguidillas, graves, minuets, estribillos or fugues, in his late cantatas he chooses to follow the standardized pattern of a succession of recitatives and arias. In addition to this, the length and complexity of the arias become considerably greater compared to his first ventures into the genre.


Reloj que señala. Cantada al Santísimo con Violines y Oboe
01. Aria: Reloj que señala
02. Recitado: Ay, que cada minuto
03. Aria: Aún en música sonora

Sosiega tu quebranto. Cantada al Santísimo con Violines
04. Aria [Despacio]: Sosiega tu quebranto
05. Recitado: Ya el enemigo infiel de los mortales
06. Aria [Vivo]: De airados viento la unión, combatirán el poder

Amoroso Señor. Cantada al Santísimo con Violines y Oboe
07. Recitado: Amoroso Señor, omnipotente
08. Aria [Andante]: Quien todo es amores
09. Recitado: Goza, goza dichosa
10. Aria [Vivo]: Suave acento

Murió por el pecado. Cantada al Santísimo
11. Recitado: Murió por el pecado
12. Aria [Despacio]: El arroyo está helado
13. Recitado: Venérente, Señor
14. Aria [Vivo] : No tema el día

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