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ARTISTS: Concerto 1700 | Daniel Pinteño, violin & director


“The enormous quality of the improvisations and instrumental arrangements allow the listener to recreate his or her personal imagination of 17th century leisure while feeling a timeless joy and excitement.”– Ritmo Magazine.

“The performance is simply dazzling, with Olivé’s superb percussion, Campanero’s strength, Zapico’s subtlety and the imaginative and virtuosic brilliance of a great Pinteño.” – Scherzo Magazine.

“An album that makes us dance, stomp our feet and feel alive” – El Cultural.


Baroque music is perhaps one of the musical genres most prone to instrumental arrangement, variations and improvisation. Based on these three precepts, and using as a base some of the most popular melodies of the 17th and 18th centuries, Concerto 1700 builds an emotional journey through dances and songs of Ancient Spain, immersing the spectator in a baroque party where the intricate rhythms of the jácaras, the fandangos, the canarios or the folías alternate with the soft and noble harmonies of the españoletas or the pasacalles.
From a casual point of view, the points in common between baroque music and other more current music will be addressed in this unique jam session devoted to the most representative dances of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Spain and that were treated by composers from all over the continent.


1. ZARAMBEQUES TEQUES after Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz (1626 – ca.1677), Santiago de Murcia, Diego Fernández de Huete (1650-1705) & Salamanca Manuscript (ca. 1659).

2. CANARIOS after Gaspar Sanz (1640 – 1710) & Paul de la Pierre (1612 – ca.1692).

3. LAS ESPAÑOLETAS DE MARIZÁPALOS after Gaspar Sanz & anonimous S. XVII.

4. FANDANGOS DE NORTE A SUR after Stockholm Manuscript (ca. 1755) & Antonio Soler (1729 – 1783).

5. YO SOY EL PASACALLES after Henri de Bailly (before 1637) & Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644 – 1704).

6. LA JOTTA after Santiago de Murcia.

7. EL QUE GUSTARE DE FOLÍAS ANTIGUAS PONGA CUIDO EN ESTAS MODERNAS after Gaspar Sanz, Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) & Salamanca Manuscript (ca. 1659).

8. MARIONAS after Santiago de Murcia (1673 – 1739).

9. EL BAILE DE LA CHACONA ENCIERRA LA VIDA BONA after Salamanca Manuscript (ca. 1659) & José Marín (1618 – 1699).

10. RECERCADAS EN EL TIEMPO after Diego Ortiz (ca. 1510 – ca.1576).

11. JÁCARAS DE LO HUMANO Y LO DIVINO after Sebastián Durón (1660 – 1716), Gaspar Sanz y anonimous S. XVII.

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